Forklift Operator, Train the Trainer & Safety Training Courses

Forklifts are heavy pieces of equipment with many particulars in operating them safely; they should be treated with respect by the operator, and all others coming in close proximity. If driven by an untrained operator or in an unsafe manner a lift truck can cause extensive damage to buildings, racking, cargo, or worst of all – can cause injury or death to operators or other workers.

In recent years OSHA has implemented more stringent regulations and safety requirements relating to forklift training and operation. Many companies are recognizing the significance of safety programs and appropriate training for their forklift operators.

Our Forklift Operator Safety Awareness training courses are facilitated by certified trainers with over 20 years of experience. They strive to make each course an interactive experience for both new and experienced operators, drawing from experience to encourage open discussion.

Course Content Includes:

  • All Forklift Training Requirements under Current OSHA Regulations
  • Principles of Counter-Balanced Lift Truck Operation
  • Identifying Vehicle and Operator Hazards in Your Workplace
  • Lift Truck Stability & the Stability Triangle
  • Safe Operation & Tip-Over Procedures
  • Battery & Propane Procedures & Hazards
  • Knowledge Verification Quiz
  • Under OSHA Rules & Regulations, employers are required to train operators on the specific equipment they will be using and specific hazards in their workplace.

The objectives of this course are to ensure that operators understand the principals involved in the safe operation of a forklift, know their legal obligations, and can recognize the potential hazards associated with lift truck operations.

Legal Requirements for Operators & Businesses
Only qualified persons should operate a lift truck. A qualified person is defined in respect to a specific duty, as a person who has the knowledge, training and experience to perform the duty safely and properly.